Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome
Jovan? He's seen all the changes, been going up and down. Had to rearrange it, but never lost his crown. Never was afraid of playing his last round. He is, he is the king. Look into his face, it's so good at telling lies. No one else will be around, he is the king. Sometimes lost - but now he's found. Without losing all, you won't touch sacred ground. You've been so lost since he's been on, haven't you? His eyes are too evil to look on pure.
In my head, I am the best. If we don’t think about ourselves that way,– if each of us don’t think we’re the best at our professions… if he doesn’t think he is the best cameraman, if he doesn’t think he is the best Nike representative, we have no ambition. I have to think that in my profession I am the best; I might not actually be, but in MY head, I am the best.
- Cristiano Ronaldo (via stormstouthideout)
I smiled what my friends call, naturally enough, the smile of Lucifer.
- Mark Gatiss, The Vesuvius Club  (via odetofemininity)
but I assure you,
even on my bad days
I’m still growing.
- Renelle (via iamup2n0good)
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